CEO & Founder of United Musc Hits and Artist from Barcelona.


Currently Jordi Sans is an artist well known for his talent with electronic music, so much so that he founded United Music Hits after discovering that his talent goes beyond producing and playing in front of thousands of people, his talent is the love of music. and love to help all of us have an opportunity to give our best and show the talent of the young promises of the industry. Right now he is in one of his best phases of his artistic career and you can follow him on his social networks to discover much more.


Mikel Quilez (born July 13, 2002), is a Spanish DJ and producer who belongs to the United Music Hits record label.

At the age of 14 he became interested in electronic music and little by little he was producing his own songs with the FL Studio sequencer.

Now you can follow him on his social networks to discover much more.


Lorjs is an Italian musician graduated at Italian conservatory of music. He play many instruments and produce EDM music generally. He like to be original adding particular vocals, guitars, drums, and real instruments in his original productions as he have a big and large experience with multiple instruments. Now he came to the next level being part of the Official Artists United Music Hits roster.


Pavan Kumar also known as Xadrian, born on May 09, 1998, is a Indian DJ & Producer. His musical style varies between Electro House, Future House, Bigroom, Tech House and Progressive House. He started producing when he was 17. His music has been supported by some of the biggest artists all around the world including The Chainsmokers, Nicky Romero, MOTi, R3spawn, R3HAB, Jaxx & Vega and many more. He is one of the Official Artists of United Music Hits. Expect fantastic sounds from Xadrian.



Olympc, Producer from United States Of America. Making Electronic Dance music with an amazing and very particular style. Olympc is part of our United Music Hits Family being one of our official artist with an awesome and unique sound.


Feeling the music since many years and now making the people feel all what he felt before with it but now putting it into a next level created by himself.


He is Olympc.


Expect the best sound from our family!



about us



UMH is a record label supporting artists to stand out into music industry

United Music Hits, is a record label created by Jordi Sans, a talented artist who stands out for his productions internationally and for having three of the largest music channels in YouTube.
Now is the time to make history all together and support what we like, music.

Music Is Life

demo submision

- Send us 100% finished demos.


- They must have 100% of their copyrights.


- This work cannot already be released by any record label or on any digital platform.


- Only demos, for more information go to the contact section.


- Once the demo is sent we will contact you if we are interested in your demo, don't spam us.

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Any questions tell us.

Our team will review your inquiry and reply you back to let you know something about it.

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